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Choice Of A Science Major:Fashioning A Model For Female Undergraduates In India
Paromita Ghosh

Last modified: 2012-12-26


The study aimed to prepare a model linking independent variables viz.,science major, year of study, reason for choice of major and hobby with dependent variables viz., achievement motivation, career/family values and locus of control of female undergraduates in India. Techniques of area and stratified random sampling were followed to select a sample of 180 women undergraduates belonging to 5 districts of West Bengal (a state in India). Among them 60 each were majoring in Physics, Chemistry and Zoology. Besides, 60 each were studying in 1st,2nd and 3rd year of college. A general information schedule and 3 psychological tests (standardized in India) were administered to the students to collect data. MANOVA revealed: i) groups formed on the basis of the independent variables differed significantly with respect to student-attributes; and  ii) reason for choice of major significantly influenced student achievement motivation.


Reason for choice of science major ; Student-attributes

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